Musical Droughts, Avoid at all Costs!


The worst thing I can do to myself is to ignore the musical side of myself.  I just want to encourage anyone who has any excuses as to why they are not expressing themselves through music, art, writing, or any other form of creating,to just make it happen.  I am making a commitment to myself to not let myself go into a musical drought again.

This last weekend I finished playing my oboe in Lynwood Stake Play production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and when it was over I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I realized that this had to do with not having another place to play my oboe.  I am now looking for a community orchestra that I can play my oboe in regularly. I am also going to continue to share my compositions and start looking into places to perform or share my music in public.


Goin’ Country!

Country Cottage

Yesterday I was riding around in my car thinking about my music and it hit me.  I am actually writing music that would probably be better country tunes and honestly I’m pretty good singin Country.   In the Army, I spent almost 4 years in ‘Bama with the 14th Army Showband of the South, singing mostly country tunes.  I had real official country singin trainin too…my first sergeant told me to pretend I’ve been drinkin gin and smokin cigars!

Composing a Musical Sculpture

Often there is some kind of resonating theme bleating underneath the uncarved rock. As pieces of rock are carved away the sounds become more evident and the music begins to take shape and form. Today I decided to work within a chord progression and to my surprise a reoccurring theme that had once plagued me reemerged within a new rhythm with a different feel. I didn’t realize I was revisiting an old idea when I was trying to do something new! I will crocksontinue to chip away at this idea and see what emerges beneath the surface.

Time Travel Through Song

Sharing my songs is like sharing pieces of my soul.  Looking back at lyrics I have written, they touch moments in my life and bring the memories back vividly.  When I close my eyes and sing I am time traveling inside my mind.   As I write new songs I’m capturing feelings and moments of today.  This is more than a picture, because the words and music came from my soul. I wonder will my lyrics and music resonate with someone else’s experiences…