I used to feel like my creation processed stopped once I completed a song.  Over the last couple months I have expanded my thinking as I have been preparing to record my “Birdie Lullaby.”

For all intensive purpose I had felt that my song was complete a couple years ago, but yet I dragged my heals about recording it.  My bird passed away and that made it harder to get in and record the song as well.  If I really look honestly about it, there was something missing.

In December I started Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership Program and the most obvious project for me to take on was creating a blog to honor the relationships between animals and humans.  Within this project was the opportunity to really take on recording my birdie lullaby as my own personal way to honor Peanut, my beloved cockatiel that was my companion for 29 years.

The last couple months I put more into this song than I ever have with anything I have written.  I really looked at the song objectively and took it a part and put it back together.  All the little pieces of it that I didn’t quite like I changed and didn’t just take it at face value. Not accepting what I didn’t like about my song has made a tremendous difference in how I feel about my work.  Now  as I am ready to record.and I really like my song!

My chords are more substantial, the melody is more clear,  and there is more structure throughout song.  I settled on a tempo and push that tempo through the entirety of the song.  I thoughtfully considered every aspect of the piano accompaniment.  Realizing that I am relying on the piano for the rhythm of the piece and that rhythm can be the most challenging for me, I really worked on this.  I also added in harmony and a flute part.

So now tomorrow is my big day.  The first day back into the studio after 26 years.  No sweat.  I feel prepared and excited.

I am also considering what it would be like to do this in depth work on all of my songs and really work to create music that I am proud of.  I think that my music can bring value to others lives.