Musical Droughts, Avoid at all Costs!


The worst thing I can do to myself is to ignore the musical side of myself.  I just want to encourage anyone who has any excuses as to why they are not expressing themselves through music, art, writing, or any other form of creating,to just make it happen.  I am making a commitment to myself to not let myself go into a musical drought again.

This last weekend I finished playing my oboe in Lynwood Stake Play production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and when it was over I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I realized that this had to do with not having another place to play my oboe.  I am now looking for a community orchestra that I can play my oboe in regularly. I am also going to continue to share my compositions and start looking into places to perform or share my music in public.


Every day it is important for me to acknowledge my own commitment to sharing my music instead of keeping it to myself.  Inside my head, I battle the what if’s and why should I’s, but I have to keep moving forward with my commitment.

I also want to acknowledge, that I am committed to encouraging others to share their own art, whatever that may be.  As humans we should have an area of self-expression.  By having something that we can create, we can find more fulfillment and happiness in life.

Today I recorded a home video of my song The Rose.  I have always enjoyed this song in particular the lyrics are interesting.  As a young woman, I was inspired by unobtainable love.  To be honest, I was quite a dramatic teen, who was easily inspired to write love songs.

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Time for Action

When I started dedicating myself to being actively engaged in my music again a couple year’s ago, I lost my steam too quickly. It was not a matter of writer’s block, it was more of a list of excuses and endless distractions.

So after getting involved in Landmark training, I am getting going because I now have a commitment to making music that will move and inspire others.  Within this commitment, I will be sharing my music and taking action to get my music out there instead of hoarding it to myself.

To any other musicians out there playing in your basement and thinking that no one really needs to hear what you are doing, think again.  Someone out there will appreciate what you are doing so I encourage you to get active too!

One step of action I took, was joining the Savvy Music Academy and working through the steps of using the resources available in today’s new music industry.  Check it out and take a look for yourself.  If anything, it just will get you moving and start you on a journey of action!

Join Savvy Music Academy and get moving on your next project!

Birdie Lullaby


Kickstarter Project to record a lullaby for Peanut, my 27 year old cockatiel. She is very special watch the video and find out! Any contributions are greatly appreciated.Visit Kickstarter to find out more about the project.

A lullaby for a bird

peanut baby bird
I wrote a song for Peanut, my 27 year old Cockatiel. After all this time, I am happy to have a lullaby to sing to her before bed. Knowing how many of us have close bonds with animals we love, I thought I would share it with you.

Oh Baby Bird(Peanut’s Lullaby)
by Nissa Newton

Oh Baby Bird, stick around a while.
There’s still so much to learn and you help me smile.
Through the sun and the rain, through happiness and pain.

When I was young, I was busy with my life.
I joined the Army and became a wife.
But you were there for me, anytime I needed you.

Life is simple for a bird it’s ’bout getting and givin’ love in return
When life gets crazy, your love saves me

Oh Baby Bird, stick around a while.
There’s still so much to learn and you help me smile.
Through the sun and the rain, through happiness and pain.

When the time comes to say goodbye,
There’ll be no lil’ birdie to catch the tears from my eyes.
But I will carry you, forever in my heart,

Oh Baby Bird, stick around a while.
There’s still so much to learn and you help me smile.
Through the sun and the rain, through happiness and pain.

Through the sun and the rain, through our happiness and pain
Oh baby bird….

Copyright ©Nissa Newton, 2013

Goin’ Country!

Country Cottage

Yesterday I was riding around in my car thinking about my music and it hit me.  I am actually writing music that would probably be better country tunes and honestly I’m pretty good singin Country.   In the Army, I spent almost 4 years in ‘Bama with the 14th Army Showband of the South, singing mostly country tunes.  I had real official country singin trainin too…my first sergeant told me to pretend I’ve been drinkin gin and smokin cigars!

Listening inside one’s mind

Visualization Exercise. This week I was reading about how Albert Enstein conducted his experiements inside of his mind. I need to spend more time inside my mind “listening.” There are so many tunes, melodies and lyrics dancing around in my mind, just waiting to be released. In such a noisy, busy world it is important to take the time to think, allowing new ideas to birth.

Child Brand New


I suppose if you cannot remember a verse to a song you wrote, maybe the verse isn’t worth remembering.  I have looked everywhere for my notes (I wrote it back in 2003).  So I suppose it is time to write a new verse.  Now I have to find the emotional place a I was when I wrote the song.  I was dealing with guilt over decisions I had made in my past and was inspired through a bible study group when we were studying Isaiah 61″

Isaiah 61:3

New International Version (NIV)

3     and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty     instead of ashes, the oil of joy     instead of mourning, and a garment of praise     instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness,     a planting of the Lord     for the display of his splendor.

Grace is a gift I don’t Deserve

Your love has set me free

When I saw your arms opened wide

I came running


I am your child brand new

Changing becoming like you

All the ashes of the past are blown away

Only your reflection remains


Composing a Musical Sculpture

Often there is some kind of resonating theme bleating underneath the uncarved rock. As pieces of rock are carved away the sounds become more evident and the music begins to take shape and form. Today I decided to work within a chord progression and to my surprise a reoccurring theme that had once plagued me reemerged within a new rhythm with a different feel. I didn’t realize I was revisiting an old idea when I was trying to do something new! I will crocksontinue to chip away at this idea and see what emerges beneath the surface.